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China recently witnesses an architectural revolution especially in skyscrapers and stadiums construction. It is expected in that buildings of meter or greater will be completed in China. One of these buildings is Shanghai tower, a megatall skyscraper with more than meter height. This structure will be the tallest tower in China and second tallest building in the world. The design and construction process of a megatall tower is very difficult and complicated project. Such projects need a proficient qualified project management that can coordinate effectively between the different teams. The tower is a considerable example of successful outstanding management for this type of skyscrapers. The tower is multi-functional building.

Case Study: BIM implementation in Shanghai Tower

Decked out in a flaming red fedora, matching silk shirt and a brown leather jacket, Gu is more appropriately dressed for his actual line of work: Observers have called it “match. Personal ads dangle from strings, sit atop open umbrellas, or are held aloft by parents standing still as statues. The marriage market runs for five hours each weekend afternoon, rain or shine.

Gu earns a small commission for hanging up personal ads, but the real currency in the marketplace is the information placards themselves: If both parents find a pairing that seems like it may work, they swap contact information and try to set the kids up on a blind date.

Express your interest “Partnerships in European Tourism” is an EU initiative aimed at supporting EU tourism businesses and operators wishing to expand their businesses into the Chinese and US markets, through tutoring activities, facilitating new collaborations and partnerships around trans-European tourist products and the organisation of B2B matchmaking and other promotional events.

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Events in East China

Chinese women join the Me Too movement Thought being single was tough? Try living in China. Guo Yingguang has posted a viral video that captures just how tough the dating scene can be in China. The Shanghai Marriage Market is largely made up of Chinese parents seeking a suitable partner for their son or daughter.

The 25 th International Processing & Packaging Exhibition (ProPak China ). The premier processing & packaging event for China, ProPak China , will take place in a new venue, National Exhibition and Convention Center (Shanghai), from 19 to 21 June,

Dating website shanghai Online dating guide for expats If i am lucky i hope i will get my lover. Badoo began in in soho, london and has grown to over million users. Browsing for matches is highly adaptable to your style, thanks to four display options photo view, basic view, detail view and profile and four order options newest members, photos first, last active, and relevance. July woman seeking men 54 years old shanghai shanghai online today! Com has a staggering million users and is the biggest dating site in china.

Newspaper recently published a survey that suggests 89 per cent of young singletons are forced to go on dates during the lunar new year holiday, 61 per cent of whom are aged between 25 and 30 years old. Com, please contact me. I suffered a lot because they all seemed so cold and uncommitted. As a general rule of thumb, the more boring the profile, the more boring the person. Ladies took part in a wedding gown show and also sang, danced, even cooked for their moneyed suitors during a talent program.

You can learn more about me. The most ingenious of the jiayuan scams starts when the owner of a fancy restaurant hires an attractive woman, who then makes a dating profile. And a lot of guys have been grifted:

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Expat Essentials Shanghai Living the Life Nightlife The nightlife scene in Shanghai is wide and varied, and our relocation guide for expats introduces you to the best, from bars and pubs, to nightclubs, to live jazz venues In the first half of the 20th century, Shanghai was the most notorious city in Asia for drinking and revelry, rivaling Paris and New York.

Even into the s, visitors retired to their quarters after dark rather than enjoy a few Chinese beers in the hotel bar. In the past decade, however, the possibilities for a big night on the town have multiplied exponentially. Nightclubs and bars are booming. Barflies now have a choice of everything from glamorous art deco lounges to the seediest watering holes.

bauma CHINA is the community for the Asian construction machinery industry, the gateway for international enterprises to the Chinese market and for Chinese enterprises to the global market.

Gong Haiyan The Internet has replaced parents as China’s most convenient love connector, and it’s pretty much down to one woman’s website By Casey Hall 14 February, The face of China’s most successful cupid — she traded in her bow and arrows for a laptop. Matchmaking has always played an important part in love and marriage here in China. But its method has changed in recent years, with online dating playing an increasingly important role.

Gong Haiyan, also known as Xiao Longnu, has perhaps been the person most instrumental in this revolution, founding China’s first major online dating service, now called Jiayuan. An idea takes shape As she was undertaking her post-graduate studies at Shanghai’s Fudan University, her parents back in Hunan were worried that she was heading into the latter half of her 20s without the prospect of a husband, becoming a dreaded shengnu , or “leftover woman. Shanghai’s marriage market — bridal bliss or marital mayhem?

Though Gong attempted to meet people online, she found China’s online dating infrastructure to be lacking, and so she started China’s first major online dating service, now called Jiayuan. As people move away from traditional family villages and work longer hours, meeting people the old-fashioned way is a more difficult proposition than ever. This, according to Gong, is what makes Internet dating such an appealing option for China’s singletons.

But is seems the secret to Gong’s success runs deeper than simply being in the right place at the right time with the right idea. Though she didn’t have any technical experience when she started Jiayuan, she did have the art of matchmaking in her blood. The A, B, C and D of finding love in China A friend saw his profile on Jiayuan and forwarded it to Gong, thinking they would be well-suited — and it turns out she was right.

The pair were married within two months and Gong became her own best advertisement. After all, if it worked for her, she says, Jiayuan might also do the trick for you this Valentine’s Day.

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Overview[ edit ] Advertising notices at the market The primary goal of attending the Shanghai marriage market is for parents to find a suitable partner for their child. The standards of finding the right match may be based upon but not limited to age, [1] height, [1] job, [1] income, education, family values, Chinese zodiac sign, [1] and personality.

All of this information is written on a piece of paper, which is then hung upon long strings among other parents’ advertisements for their children.

Index to international conferences exhibitions and exhibitors A to Z Bluebird Marine Systems yachts and catamarans, The Seawork Dive and Workboat exhibition Southampton June Canary Wharf Fruit Terminal, Green ship technology.

More than high-caliber speakers provided comprehensive and informative lectures on the environmental markets in China for over 3, delegates. The interest was so high that we even ran out of our brochures after the first day. IE expo is indeed the platform in China and Asia for experts and decision-makers regarding innovations and solutions in the environmental field. Huber, Chairman of Huber Technology added: Environmental experts will hold lectures and workshops that focus on the key topics of water, sewage, solid waste, renewable energy and air-pollution control.

Exhibiting companies present their solutions, products and services. These concise presentations are attended by a large, interested trade audience — the perfect meeting place to establish new contacts and convince potential business partners. Special topics covering innovative technology, analytical methods or the latest trends in the environmental sector will be presented here. Partners from ministries and associations are involved in the organization. More than 30, visitors from 70 countries The High quality exhibition attracts a large number of overseas buyers Broad audience from municipal and industrial users, make numerous business opportunities.

Tinder Has Nothing on Shanghai’s Bustling Marriage Market

Dec 2, Trigger-king Love everything about this game, except for one detail. I genuinely enjoy competitive play, and this game is really enjoyable. I do not mind playing with people who are still learning in classic mode, it is actually fun to watch people get better over the course of a match. What bothers me is players who have really low credit scores due to going AFK. Now I occasionally play at work, and every so often I go afk for a minute or so.

MOST Party Secretary & Vice Minister Wang Zhigang Attends 3rd Meeting and Serial Events of Vice Premier-level People-to-People Exchange Mechanism between China and Indonesia[].

The party, to be held for the fourth time, will take place at the Zhaoxiang area in suburban Qingpu District from November 9 to 11, on the occasion of China’s Singles Day. The application period will start tomorrow and will run until November 1. Any singles 60 years old or younger are invited to attend, and no admission is charged. In the past three events, only singles below 35 years old were allowed as participants.

More than fifty matchmaking agencies in the city will receive applications, and details are available at http: Expats cannot apply because matchmaking agencies in China are not allowed to provide matchmaking service for foreigners, according to regulations. During the three-day event, a number of fun games will be staged to help singles become familiar with each other, and matchmaking services will be offered.

It is in its third year, but two events are being held starting this year, with one held in May, instead of just one. With just one annual event, organizers were bombarded with calls from parents anxious about their children’s marriage prospects. The party has attracted a total of nearly , participants since it was launched.

Some 40, people showed up at last year’s events, including parents who lined up outside and needled men for information on their income, jobs and property.

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