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All events take place at the History Center unless otherwise noted. You will learn how they were able to date the site using trade beads and Jesuit rings. On Sled Dog Weekend, we will go to the dogs, and their ancestors, with our after-dark adventure! Enjoy special guests, activities, games, scavenger hunt, photo booth, snacks and surprises. Designed for age six and up. Advance ticket purchase recommended.

5 Women Cut from Pop Culture History for Being Too Important

Pont-Aven catalogue May , Sergio Signori: Sculpture and Raoul Dufy: Theme and Variations November 11, , Contrasts: Exhibition June 29, , Summer Surprise Exhibition:

Apr 13,  · Craftsman plane I.D.? I am starting to delve (?sp.) into my planes, and have been given a Craftsman bench plane. It says made in USA, and measures 9 1/8 .

Subscribe November 1, If my cats eat mice that have died from your rodent baits, can they be secondarily poisoned? But similar questions are also of interest when we conduct rodent control around livestock farms, zoos, exotic animal farms and various animal-rearing facilities. What is secondary poisoning?

How does it differ from primary poisoning, or from secondary ingestion? By understanding the basic terms and concepts associated with the hazards and risks of using rodenticides, PCOs can remain informed and decrease the occurrences of harming non-target animals during rodent control programs. Primary poisoning refers to an animal directly consuming a rodenticide bait.

This can occur when a bait is installed unprotected i. Or, when a homeowner buys mouse bait in the supermarket and tosses the bait into a garage where his dog finds and eats the bait. Primary poisoning is the principle means by which companion animals and other non-targets are hurt by rodenticides. Secondary poisoning refers to one animal being poisoned after consuming the flesh of another animal which has digested the poison.

But are the anticoagulant rodenticides such as bromadialone, brodifacoum, difethialone and diphacinone toxic enough to cause secondary poisoning? According to experts on this subject, residues of digested anticoagulants can be found in the livers of poisoned rodents. Thus, animals consuming the entire carcasses of poisoned animals can ingest the anticoagulant compounds when they consume the livers.

The secret life of John Singer Sargent

Handy farm devices and how to make them. Orange Judd Company, Canada. Tools of their trades: An oral history of men at work c.

Comparison Between Early s Sargent Planes, A#, #, Plus A Later VBM Vintage tools Craftsman Dating Search Fulton Planes Airplanes Quotes Searching. Dating Sargent and Dunlap Bench Planes – Series. Find this Pin and more on Sargent Planes by Daniel Korbel. Vintage Tool Information Dating Sargent Bench Planes – Series. See.

See More It’s amazing to me how sick everyone is of talking about ladies, considering how rare it is for us to talk about actual ladies. I mean, specific people who happen to be ladies, rather than the abstract, intangible concept of “ladies” and lady-ness. I wonder if it’s possible for them to be funny or do math. And we were too busy nursing our Shirley Temples to even notice. But seriously folks, there are a lot of women who basically redefined pop culture and never got the credit they were due.

Until now, because I’m giving them credit. And I think they’d all agree that what I think is the most important. You gotta remember that in the ’70s anyone with a doofy beard and a plaid shirt could shoot a movie just by telling people what to do and not giving them the chance to disagree. It was a magical time. Turns out that the first cut of Star Wars was an incomprehensible mess , and it was up to George’s wife and editor, Marcia Lucas, to swoop in and save the day If you can’t watch that because you’re at work, the pre-Marcia version has Luke taking two full runs at the exhaust port, no appearance of ghost-Obi-Wan telling Luke to use the force, and — worst of all — Han scares Vader away from Luke like 45 freaking minutes before Luke takes his shot at the exhaust port, meaning that the only thing we’re worried about happening in that scene is Luke missing and having to take the same shot for a goddamn third time.

A pretty good rule for filmmaking is that if the biggest threat in your movie is the runtime, then the drama isn’t really working.

Dating an Army Soldier Stories (Part Two)

He had an older sister Sandy and a younger brother Joe. He was a friend and informal leader there for many of his classmates, [12] and sometimes stood up for targets of bullying. He escaped from his burning jet and was trying to help another pilot escape when a bomb exploded; [29] McCain was struck in the legs and chest by fragments.

May 25,  · One of the first planes (other than a block plane) that I bought was a Sargent-built 18″ fore plane, branded as a Craftsman. I feel that the handle, casting, and frog are very solid – just like my Millers Falls planes, but the adjuster has a lot of slack.

Tamir Kalifa Elizabeth Ramirez was four months pregnant when she heard a knock at the door. The man standing outside her small apartment had thick black hair. Matjeka was helping investigate a sex crime and asked if she would come to the station to answer a few questions. Elizabeth, who had recently turned 20, climbed into his unmarked police car.

At the station, Matjeka asked if she knew a man named Javier Limon and his two daughters. Of course she did. She saw them often.

Whaling in Japan

This page will get updated accordingly. Most of the Major manufactures of the time made Transitional Planes. They were meant for those who thought the wood on wood had a better feel than the metal on wood, but still wanted the adjustment mechanisms known on the metallic counterparts. The Stanley Transitional planes, combining a wooden body with a cast iron frame, frog and standard adjustment mechanism, were made between and The Sargent Transitionals were made from to

Hi everyone, I picked up a block plane at the thrift store that is a Sargent as best as I can tell. I was trying to get a little more information on the date of manufacture, but the information I have come across is incomplete or unclear.

There are opportunities for outdoor fun at Georgia’s water parks , and adventure for families, couples, and all who love nature in the Blue Ridge Mountains. Here are the best things to do in Georgia. Laid out in by General James E. Oglethorpe, the founder of the British Colony of Georgia, the original town was divided into wards, which were sections of land that each contained a central square, four civic buildings, and ten residences.

Millions of visitors come to admire the architecture, tour the homes, and walk the broad, live oak-lined streets with their curtains of Spanish moss. Visitors can view historic homes, churches, synagogues, cemeteries, and a railroad roundhouse, all of which have been lovingly preserved. This excellent museum opened in , and it contains the largest permanent exhibit of Western art in the United States.

Whaling in Japan

Curious as to what I was in for, and wanting some solid guidance, I went looking for advice on how to be a good Army girlfriend. Not sure how wise that was. What follows is some humble advice on how to cope with being the significant other of soldier. Dating a soldier is a commitment, and not one to be taken lightly.

When you pick up an old plane in an antique store or swap meet it is sending off clues. This is (I’m told) a bit like speed dating, your job is to weed out the twitchy, drooling, camo-wearing sociopaths to find a suitable mate for life.

May we add your comments to our Guestbook? Yes Comments April 6, I read for about two hours, learning about code names and flight words used, etc. It sounded frustrating when weather, kites, and fellow airmen never cooperated enough to get a flight off. I was hoping to find some information about my dad’s uncle Ron Craven who had taken many missions as a pilot, but never heard his name mentioned once.

Maybe I never read long enough? Anyways, glad that Johnston’s diary was put to good use, but I hope it would never be used in any negative way. I have been in touch with the pilot William Hickson’s son, Peter and he has written a book about his father’s experiences during the war. I would be glad to pass on information which I have if Val would contact me, or if you have her email address I could contact her.

Thank you for your help! He was a survivor of the crash. Rory Duffy January 19, I am writing a second volume of the history of Squadron and am very impressed by this site. I have pictures of him training in Tiger Moths, and in uniform with wings, also pictures in Canada, but that’s it. When I was a kid I did see his training log book, with housr of flying, but that’s been lost.

My Transitional Planes

Old Woodworking Tools and Machines Everything you wanted to know about old woodworking tools and machines! This web site is devoted to providing information and resources to those interested in woodworking, old woodworking tools and vintage woodworking machinery. My first wood shop was put together by going to garage sales with my dad and bringing home old woodworking machines. We’d locate the owners manuals, tear them apart, clean and rebuild them.

Before long they were making sawdust in our wood shop.

Dating sargent planes.. Posted on By Tojarn One of the best books out there on how to identify and date old Stanleys is: For all intents and purposes, their plane is the same as Stanley’s 62, however, it went a bit farther with its adjusting mechanism, making it capable of lateral adjustment instead of just lengthwise adjustment, which all of Stanley’s low angle block planes posses.

Donate Is Larry Swearingen Innocent? Tue, Nov 27, at The first clue is the bugs. It can take no time at all for blowflies and house flies to home in, searching for open wounds and orifices in which to lay their eggs. Between 12 and 24 hours later, when the body is cold to the core, those eggs hatch and the larvae feed on the flesh. By day four, bacteria have started to break down the tissues and cells, releasing fluids into the body cavities that produce gases and cause the body to bloat.

23 Best Things to Do in Georgia

Join the conversation on Twitter and Facebook. Tribute to Ethiopia Scholar Don Levine: Levine, who passed away on Saturday, April 4th at the age of 83, is being remembered by his friends in Ethiopia and the Diaspora as a beloved Ethiopianist, educator, sociological theorist, author, collaborator, advocate, mentor, sensei and friend.

making planes is not known, but the author has a Sargent made CRAFTSMAN block plane, that is new in the box, with a catalog dated , so they were still making planes at that time.

Although we see this in most tool manufactures, we see this more in Sargent planes than we generally do in others. It also seems like there is also more variations and more building one plane at a time type work than we see in other manufactures as well. Instances of this would be a type 4 base may have the name raised in a square AND the size of the plane behind the frog, or the size may be missing, OR the base may be void of any casting marks at all. The best approach when determining the planes age is to start with the lateral, but verify the base.

The lateral should get you close, especially on the older planes. Also a plane with a type 4 base and all other or at least a majority of type 3 parts more often seen in planes Sargent made for house brands would be considered an early type 4 where a very late type 3 would be a type 3 base with all or at least a majority of other type 4 parts. If you are trying to date the plane this narrows it down to a short period before or after the transition.

As time passes, we may find more sub types that can be added to the study. We have now found it on a as well.

John McCain

The following pages represent a piece of my collection. I try to update these pages from time to time, adding some of the more interesting ads as I find them. I think there is a lot to learn these ads, besides being fun to look at. Most of these ads come from magazines like The Carpenter the trade publication of the United Carpenter’s union National Builder, and Carpentry and Building.

Besides some great advertisements, this monthly publication also carried updates on local chapter activity, articles on new building techniques, and information regarding union matters like which companies were to be boycotted for hiring non-union workers.

rows · Sargent Planes on eBay right now United States Australia Austria Belgium Canada .

This is so in point of size alone. On the town’s one thousand and seventy-five acres some eighteen thousand people live — thus making the little town by the sea one of the more important of the State. Winthrop, is a beautiful town. Its location between the Atlantic Ocean on the East and Boston Harbor on the West is alone enough to establish the fact. Even more, Winthrop is a town of gentle hills which, although now built over with about 4, houses, gives almost every window a wide prospect over miles of ocean, marsh and a city just far enough away to be remote and yet near enough to be conveniently reached within a half-hour or so.

Probably one of the greatest factors concerned in the production of Winthrop’s charms are the many elms and maples lining her 36 miles of streets and shading most of her homes and all her public buildings. There are wealthier towns in the Commonwealth than Winthrop but few more financially fortunate. By many years of self-sacrificing service by public-spirited citizens who have served the town largely without pay, the town is practically without debt; nearly all the streets are paved and have sidewalks while the municipal establishments, schools, library, town hall, fire houses and all the rest are paid for in full.

Winthrop is known as a town of homes. This is true because there is practically no industry in the town at all.

FLAT EARTH – Static Plane Talk (Section 2)

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