Transformers Universe: World of Warcraft Battlegrounds in Disguise?

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Play for the opposite faction in the PvP Mercenary Mode

Share Save Many players were a bit confused about some of the rules and mechanics revolving around the new rated battlegrounds coming in Cataclysm. Blizzard has, thankfully, posted a new FAQ on the official forums detailing some common questions players had about the new system. Some highlights include the three brackets 10v10, 15v15, 25v25 ; weekly conquest point caps based on your highest PvP rating in any bracket; and winning in a group comprised of 80 percent guild members awarding guild experience.

Part soldier, part sleuth. Lethality is essential to how Battlegrounds invests its spaces with meaning. Danger, whether real or suspected, is tangible, and feelings of security are rare and flimsy.

Jul 30 Views: With World of Warcraft Legion came a huge change to battleground rewards, in the form of removing Honor Points in their old form. While items can still be purchased from the shop with currency earned from taking part in the battlegrounds, the system has changed in a way that is detrimental to many players. These are treated much like the old Honor Points in regards to how gear is purchased, but they are much more difficult to obtain.

Being rewarded — even if by just a small amount — goes a long way towards giving happiness to those that are spending their time on one action instead of another. Whether the amount was small or large, knowing that you won regardless was a huge push forward. With the new change, losers get nothing. The two scenarios in how this could work effectively are as follows:


Sometimes, though, chaos can work in your favour. Competing in a duos match, Sir Lance and a friend found a car. They were planning to use said car for car things, like driving. Then they hit a slight incline, and the car decided to do a back flip, because trusting video game cars is always a mistake. The car landed upside-down. For anybody else, this would mean a death sentence, or at least a change of plans.

PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds, widely known as PUBG. is a survival shooter from BlueHole Studios and PlayerUnknown, based on the famous Battle Royale game mod for Arma 3 and H1Z1. BlueHole Studios are the developers of the popular MMORPG TERA, and PlayerUnknown are the developers of the popular Battle Royal mod for Arma 3 and H1Z1.

Characters[ edit ] World of Warcraft Character creation screen showing the various options and races that can be chosen. To start, players select a game realm or server to play on. Each realm is in one of four different categories, depending on which set of combat rules it uses. These can be either where players are mainly focused on defeating monsters and completing quests, and player versus player combat is not permitted unless inside opposing cities, player versus environment or PVE , or where open combat between players is permitted player versus player or PvP.

There are also dedicated roleplay or RP versions of both these types, where players are encouraged to control their character as if they were an inhabitant of a fantasy world. Realms are also categorised by the language players are encouraged to use, offering in-game support in that language. A player can select one of two opposing factions to place their character in: Characters can only communicate and group with other characters of the same faction. Each faction has seven including the Pandaren, that are neutral at the beginning races to choose from.

Race determines the character’s appearance, starting location, and initial skill set, called “racial traits”. The Alliance currently consists of humans , night elves , dwarves , gnomes , draenei and worgen ; the Horde currently consists of orcs , tauren , Forsaken , trolls , blood elves and goblins.


This should be a welcome change since its promises to balance out the PvP systems in World of Warcraft. At the moment the arena system dominates the PvP landscape and often gives an advantage to players in Wintergrasp and Battlegrounds. This is mostly because the arena system is the only way for melee classes to achieve decent PvP weapons.

After the Burning Crusade the developers made a decision to tightly control epic weapons since so many people stopped raiding. This is why arena weapons during the Wrath of the Lich King have never been made available for honor. Arenas may be almost exploit free and have better matchmaking system nowadays, but its still a poor decision to make it the main gateway for PvP gear.

A complete searchable and filterable list of all Battleground Quests in World of Warcraft: Battle for Azeroth. Always up to date with the latest patch ().

World of Warcraft Battlegrounds in Disguise? By Luke Karmali Transformers Universe is an odd beast. On the other, Jagex is keen to claim that character selection and customisation is more akin to what you’d find in League of Legends, though to my mind it actually struck me as being more like building a deck in a Collectible Card Game. It’s clear that the team has done its research with regards to what actually keeps online gamers coming back for more, the question is exactly what body parts have they’ve selected and why.

Put simply, Transformers Universe casts you as a commander tasked with assembling a roster of Autobots or Decepticons. Jagex has teamed up with Hasbro to create brand new robots for the game, every one sporting different looks and unique weapons, which we’re told at launch will easily number more than 10 yet fall slightly short of hitting triple figures.

Exit Theatre Mode Once you’ve got your team together, you hook up with other like-minded individuals of your faction and enter a World of Warcraft-style battleground to fight the opposing force.

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Should battlegrounds be rated? Reader Verilazic sent me a mail pointing me towards a very long discussion on the WoW forums about rated battlegrounds. Would it be possible to determine how skilled a player is in PvP before he joins the battleground, and then automatically match him in some sort of ladder system against players of similar skill? I don’t think this is possible, because of the larger size of battleground groups, up to

Jan 30,  · Best Answer: Yours, at the moment, is 0. You have to have the cataclysm expansion. To view it, go to your PvP page to queue for battlegrounds. I believe the default button is “H”? Or its on your minimap as a shield. On the pop-up there should be a Status: Resolved.

PUBG has enjoyed a stunning ascent, bolstered by updates that have improved optimisation and fixed bugs as part of a roadmap to launch. The developers are even looking weather, improved traversal systems and cross-platform support with aim-assist and fancy water tech. In light of all this progress we’ve updated our list of features we’d like to see in PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds.

Optimization, optimization Just as Battlegrounds entered Early Access, Bluehole released a roadmap of the progress they hoped to make with the battle royale shooter. Much of it was focused on optimization, and that’s great. I think the game runs pretty darn well for a fresh Early Access title, but I’m looking forward to seeing the optimization dialed in over the coming months.

Even looking at the larger cities on the map can result in some steep fps losses, and actually visiting those denser areas can turn the game into a slideshow. As it is now, a lot of streamers I watch have their graphics settings turned down as low as they’ll go to compensate for those optimization issues. That feels like a shame, since Battlegrounds is a really nice-looking game.

I know optimization is a priority for Bluehole, and I’m hoping to keep seeing improvements as the weekly and monthly patches arrive.

This Love Story Proves Tinder Isn’t Just For Hookups

Big battleground changes introduce the Random Battleground system World of Warcraft is making some changes to the way you participate in battlegrounds. Zarhym, a Blizzard Poster on the official forums, posted a long message about Battleground and Honor Changes on the Horizon. Items that require marks will now require honor or honor currency according to the post. A new Random Battleground system will be in the next minor patch. The Random Battleground system lets you queue with up to five people.

Winning a battleground while using the Random Battleground system for the first time a day will reward players with 30 HKs worth of honor and 25 arena points.

World of Warcraft is making some changes to the way you participate in battlegrounds. They’re decent changes that might keep you playing if you enjoy the PvP aspect of the game. If you’re not into PvP move along, you won’t be all too interested in anything here.

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Rated battlegrounds FAQ

Previously, the shaman class was exclusive to the Horde faction available to the orc, troll and tauren races , and the paladin class was exclusive to the Alliance faction available to the human and dwarf races ; with the new races, the expansion allowed players to be a Draenei shaman Alliance , and a Blood Elf paladin Horde. The level cap was raised by ten, making it 70 up from 60, established in the original World of Warcraft in addition to that; a whole new planet, Outland, was released, with associated quests, dungeons, raids, zones, creatures, and cities.

Although this battleground was designed for level 70 characters, players are unable to summon flying mounts in this battleground. In addition, a new PvP Arena System was introduced as a way for players to fight in 2 vs 2, 3 vs 3, or 5 vs 5 death-match style battles.

ArenaJunkies Shutting Down on July 1st Today we’ll be announcing the closure of ArenaJunkies on July 1st. This was a hard decision to make, and we would like to sincerely thank you all the users who have supported us over the years.

Share Battlegrounds are instanced areas used for player versus player combat. Crossing these portals was originally one of the ways to enter the queue for their respective battlegrounds. Now, to enter the queue for any battleground, the player must seek out a Battlemaster , which can be found at the portal or in any capital city, or do so through the Player vs. Once inside the instance, the two teams will engage in large-scale PvP , with various objectives determining the winner.

Players will earn honor points making PvP rewards available. This prevents entry to another battleground for a 15 minute duration. You can report an inactive player by right clicking the player’s portrait and selecting “Report AFK”. When enough reports are registered, a 60 second debuff will begin to count down. Once the timer is up a new debuff will appear that will prevent the player from gaining any honor or marks while it is on.

This debuff can be negated as soon as the player engages in PvP combat. This system is often abused, since a player can have good reasons for not participating in PVP, for example when he is defending.

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